Lightleys Holiday Houseboats, Knysna

On a disappointingly overcast December afternoon in Knysna, two tired newlyweds found themselves watching a skipper video in a tiny reception room. I was the less impressed of the two. You see, as part of a combined effort to plan a honeymoon that both my sporty husband and his materialistic wife could enjoy, we had decided to compromise. I got two nights in the luxurious and expensive Phantom’s Forrest Eco Reserve and he got to pilot one of the Lightleys Holiday Houseboats down the Knysna Lagoon.

At my insistence, our honeymoon commenced with what I considered to be the less appealing of the two legs of our trip. Thus, after a rather wet introduction to our own boat and a less than inspiring 101 regarding the use of our cupboard-sized, multipurpose bathroom, we were off.  The horror of my approaching ablutions was quickly forgotten in the excitement of having to help with the navigation and as we steered our boat out into the lagoon, I could not help but realize the delicious symbolism of our first “solo voyage” as newlyweds.  Watching the exhilaration on the face of “Captain” Marais, I felt slightly less piqued at the prospect of taking a hand-shower while standing over the shoebox-sized toilet.

Although the mostly-overcast weather definitely put a damper on our expedition and I never completely made my peace with the boat’s ablution facilities, Lightleys Houseboat made for a rather unique kind of honeymoon. The boat is undeniably small, but the space has been utilised to the max. A comfortable lounge and well-equip kitchen area, as well as an on-board Webber, ensured hassle-free cooking and crisp white linen on a spacious double bed ensured that we didn’t completely give up the honeymoon feeling. In fact, the gloomy weather combined with extreme post-wedding exhaustion and the strange kind of solitude offered by the boat ended up being exactly what the doctor ordered. I got the quality time and rest I wanted and my husband got to keep an eye on his fishing rob from the comfort of the bedroom – an all-round win-win situation.

In retrospect, Lightleys gave us the kind of adventure we’ll be reminiscing about when we’re old and grey. And, since we’re already planning to return with friends, I can even admit that I’m quite looking forward to seeing that houseboat again. The friends will, however, have to get their own boat, because there is no way I’m sharing the shoe-box with anyone but my husband.

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