Tips when camping in the Eastern Cape

So you’ve decided it is the Eastern Cape where you want to go camping, now there are plenty of amazing camp sites in the Eastern Cape, all with beautiful scenery and individual quirks. But you also have to be careful when camping. there are a lot of venomous snakes to be aware of and here are some that you could encounter in the Eastern Cape.
The Cape Cobra can be found in the South Western regions of the Eastern Cape. They prefer fynbos, bush, Karoo shrubland and dry savannah regions. The Cape Cobra will often venture into human habitations and is easily encountered in Eastern Cape campsites. Their bites are highly dangerous.
The Rinkhals is one of the true spitting cobras that have the ability to shoot the venom from its fangs usually aiming for a person’s face. Rinkhals are normally active at night but will bask in the sun during the day. They prefer to live in wet grasslands and can be found at high altitudes.

The Eastern Green Mamba is similar to the Black Mamba and is green in colour. Their bite is also very poisonous and needs to be treated with anti-venom.

Now don’t be put off of camping by snakes- just keep an eye out, always watch where you walk and check inside tents, sleeping bags and boots before putting them on. Treat nature with respect and go have a great time camping in South Africa.

and on a side note here is a great little salad which makes a great accompaniment to any braai.

Recipe for Spring Salad


• Feta cheese
• Avocado
• Baby tomatoes
• Beetroot sprouts

For the caremelised almonds:

• Slivered/flaked almonds
• 150g butter
• 2 Tbsp castor sugar


Chop up salad ingredients then assemble salad, excluding the almonds.

Caremelised almonds:

Put butter in a small frying pan, let it melt, add castor sugar and then the slivered almonds/flaked almonds. Stir constantly and remove onto some greaseproof paper when the almonds are golden. Let it cool. Break it up over your salad.

Recipe by: Chef Caro

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