Why wait? Book early for your Holiday!

We all know atleast one of them right? The late bookers for trips? The people that arrive looking clueless that they are allergic to a certain kind of food that happens to be a staple where they are or the people that stare in amazement that there is nobody that understands their native language? Yes we see it happen every time and it’s funny to watch but it’s actually very serious-When you don’t pre-plan and prepare well for a trip, you put yourself and your loved ones at risk and you also spend more for booking late.

So here’s how to plan that trip well and avoiding a potential disaster.

  • It doesn’t hurt to Google. This will help you find out more about the place you want to holiday in. Find out about the culture, the location, the languages spoken, the weather, the people. Everything you can know about the place.
  • Double dates? You don’t want to find yourself going on holiday during a time where the place you are visiting is having some holiday where they are taking a vow of silence or something like that. Find out what events are happening during the time you are visiting.
  • It’s a date. It should be atleast 3 months before, giving you ample time to plan your flights, your accommodation and any unforeseen events that may happen before then.
    Ask. Always find out if there are any travel packages, discounts and payment plans that you can take advantage of.
  • Safety. Have something like a safety kit with a first aid kit, bottled water, medication and insect repellent. This is especially if you are taking the kids along. There are no band aids readily available in an island.
  • Lose The Gadgets. Really? You’re on holiday! Put down that Black Berry, I’m sure your friends won’t mind. Try to travel without the gadgets or leave them in your room, they just attract pick pocketers and they ruin your fun
  • And yes, pick pocketers are everywhere, even in the safest spots in the world.


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