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De Aar is a small town in the middle of South Africa in the arid Karoo where a lot of people would rather not visit, as for most travellers who seek excitement and adventure many believe that this town doesn’t offer anything for them. But don’t let the size fool you there is plenty to keep you busy.

De Aar is well known for steam trains, springbuck & unknown to many- paragliding records. And a place that is perfect to set your own record is FlyDeAar Guesthouse.

Also known as Potties B&B, it is a small but busy little guesthouse, with eight en suite rooms that accommodates up to sixteen people sharing.

FlyDeAar Guesthouse was established to attract hangliding and paragliding enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy a unique flying experience in de Aar while enjoying the local sights.

FlyDeAar Guesthouse is a great place to stay and shows it by having superb facilities and warm hospitality. The guesthouse has a large garden, braai area and pool which makes it the perfect spot to relax, especially after some paragliding or if you’re the girlfriend that has no interest in paragliding but was dragged along it is a wonderful place to put your feet up.

This guest house is a welcome oasis, in a harsh but fascinating semi-desert region. They offer comfortable accommodation topped with a ‘fun’ and friendly vibe. They offer lunch and dinner by arrangement and breakfast. There are takeaways available for early departures or late arrivals. Included in your breakfast you will receive a selection of cereals, yoghurt, juice, a buffet of cold-meats, cheese and fruit, assorted breads and jams plus traditional fried bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes and daily extras, as well as tea and coffee. I don’t know about you but I love a good English breakfast with crispy bacon and this place does it well!

good service, warm hospitality, relaxing while still being fun, this place has it all.


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Accommodation in De Aar, The Northern Cape

Contact person: Desiree Pansi
Phone: (+27) 053-631-1555
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