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Whether we are speaking of landscape, history or inhabitants, the Karoo is famous for a myriad of reasons, many of which are inherently contradictory. Hearing the word Karoo, one imagines, for instance, close-knitted community, natural beauty and antiquated Victorian architecture all in the face of alienating desolation and almost inhospitable barrenness. Such contradictions make of the Karoo a unique and strange place that holds an often inexplicable appeal. Yet, in spite of the fact that it sparks the imagination and has long inspired poets and painters alike, its fame has largely failed it. As an undeveloped and economically neglected region, the Karoo’s beauty, its history, its hospitality and its overall tourism potential have been going to waste.

In light of such a dire need for intervention, Discover South Africa is thrilled to announce our newest project: Come the Tourism Indaba in May, you will see us release the first installment of our brand new “Discover the Karoo” map collection. Created in cooperation with the Karoo Development Foundation which was founded with the aim to develop the Karoo’s latent potential, these maps mark our Proudly South African effort to market the Karoo as an overlooked but promising tourist destination. To this end, the “Discover the Karoo” collection of maps charts six possible routes through the desert-like landscape and encourages tourists to undertake a leisurely voyage of discovery. Baring the well-kept secrets of the Karoo, they list charming towns, challenging eco-adventures and all the forgotten little places that offer good food, good company and a fascinating look into the history of our incredible county.

Directed by these detailed guides you may choose to rediscover old favorites like Oudtshoorn and Beaufort West, intriguing cultural hotspots like the infamous Afrikaner stronghold, Orania, or breathtaking natural wonders like the Conga Caves and the Augrabies waterfall. Whatever your interests, the “Discover the Karoo” collection of maps will make sure that you know where to find the places that will tickle your fancy.
When planning your next trip, why not discover the remarkable Karoo and help us to cultivate this South African asset!

For more information regarding the “Discover the Karoo” project, feel free to contact us on 021 853 5621 or email us at

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