Gauteng Getaway makes you want to put on a bikini and GET AWAY

Its freezing cold at the Coca-Cola Dome in North Gate but not even that can stop people from arriving in numbers to experience Life, leisure and travel. And when I say ‘arrive’ I don’t mean show up and look cute. I’m talking about people showing up in full camouflage and khaki gear complete with a hat and hunting boots. And if the fashion critics must ask then the answer is yes, at the Getaway khaki and camouflage do go together and the only rule that applies is ‘If the shoe fits, buy it’ well, that applies to the cars, the tents, the fishing gear…You can even find a car that comes with a built-in tent and attached fishing gear. Okay maybe not but the point I’m making is that if travel had a heaven then the name of that heaven would be called The Getaway Show.

The Getaway is an annual travel expo that offers a range of travel EVERYTHING and ladies, if you thought your mans biggest toy was his car then you should come to the Getaway and see the playground. I personally have never seen a man get that excited since the shower scene in the movie Psycho. And as far as the battles of the sexes go, I have never seen a group of grown women stand together united, joining forces to buy a coffee machine. I mean not even the march to the union building was that intense.

As if trying to ignore the smells of chips frying, boerewors sizzling and deep fried doughnuts, wasn’t enough I had to contend with people who needed an Atlas to see that Zanzibar is ACTUALLY in Africa and that Tanzania is actually in the African continent. The kids were left to play in the water slides and face painting stands while their parents swiped their Visa credit cards. And occasionally I’d have to pop up my ID book just to prove that it’s my right as a South African adult to taste the wine that is being freely tasted by everyone else. Hey, I’m a typical Joburg girl and too much free stuff just looks suspicious.

I drooled over a stand for exotic spices and herbs, I demanded assistance from the lady who looked at me like I couldn’t afford to travel and I plotted on how I could pretend to be the lady who won an all expenses paid trip to some place. I mean how could I not? The commentator kept calling her name over the speakers and she took long to show up. Thank goodness she showed up so I could leave with my dignity intact.

The one thing I’d have to say about the Getaway is never experience it alone. Bring someone along, it’s so refreshing and it will leave you feeling like packing a bikini and heading off to a getaway!


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