Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Many things can be said about Stellenbosch, and in fact, too much has already been said about this magical town. Websites, blogs and other forms of media have now, for more than a decade, drummed on about the mountains and the wine. Of course these are the reasons a person would visits the place, but would like for you not just to visit this town, but also become a part of its history by presenting to you refreshed and interesting facts about this opulent beauty!

A good reason to visit Stellenbosch is the undeniable fact that your wine choices far exceed any other place in the country: South Africa currently has 101 957 hectares under vines, of which approximately 18 %is planted in the wine of origin Stellenbosch region. It’s not all just about quantity though. What would be the use of tasting a thousand bottles of vinegar, when what you really desire is a palatable feast? Now Stellenbosch has made very sure that you get not only quantity but also quality- it has the most wine awards per capita/wine than any other region in South Africa!

Besides the undeniable availability of award- winning wines, is also Stellenbosch’s scenic beauty, which could quite possibly stand unrivalled in any mountainous region in South Africa! Stellenbosch is virtually surrounded by beautiful mountains. They are the Helderberg, Stellenbosch Mountain, Jonkershoek Valley and Simonsberg, which is connected to Botmaskop and the rest of the Jonkershoek mountains by the saddle of Helshoogte. All of these respecting mountains are surrounded by green vineyards, and finding a place to stay (no matter what the size of your pocket); will be as easy as shooting fish in barrel…with a shotgun!

There is one last (and not so obvious) reason to frequent this town. Stellenbosch has a sense of magical history. This old town was founded in 1679 and consisted of a conglomerate of different people- especially when you consider its size back then. This place has survived a fire that destroyed the town. It survived slavery more graciously than any of its counterparts, with slaves being freed earlier than other places, but also in the fact that the slave infrastructure has been kept intact. Many of these places are museums today, and there is even a fully functional church that once belonged to the slaves- with their original engravings on church benches. Just reading those engraving will send chills down your spine, and make you understand how precious this historical jewel really is.

Making a trip to Stellenbosch will definitely be worth your while! There must after all be a reason why one of South Africa’s richest men (Anton Rupert) couldn’t tear himself away to live in any other place!

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