Mpumalanga, South Africa

[/caption]Want to know why Mpumalanga is one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations? Well, then you are reading the right article.
It’s not just the Kruger National Park that will attract your attention! We all know the Kruger National Park, and understand the obvious lure towards it…but there are other things too that will in plain language- BLOW YOUR MIND!
The Mpumalanga Tourism Authority has created several regions with specially marked routes that invite the visitor to the spectacular Mpumalanga province on an unforgettable journey!
You know about the Kruger Park, so let’s kick it off with Panorama Route! One of the major highlights of the region is the Blyde River Canyon Reserve, home to spectacular wildlife and birdlife and some of the best views in South Africa. The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon of its kind in the world, and hosts a variety of activities to enjoy!

The next route that lends itself to you for pure enjoyment is the Highlands Meander! The Mpumalanga Highlands Meander is situated in the higher reaches of the escarpment and it is sandwiched between the Cultural Heartland and the Panorama Route regions. This is the ‘Trout Mecca’, with pristine fishing waters that never cease to lure fly fishers in their droves. The impressive mountains and rivers of the Highlands presents the opportunity for adrenaline pumping activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, hot air ballooning and paragliding to mention a few. If this doesn’t quite tickle your fancy you can always visit the Cultural Heartland of Mpumalanga where you can visit colourful villages such as Kwaggafontein, Matibidi, Waterval and Twoline.

Now the Grass and Wetlands offer something rather unique- There are hundreds of lakes, forgotten hamlets, rock formations and splendid scenery. This is the place to engage in unusual activities like “frogging expeditions” or watch stars during “stargazing weekends”. Fierce battles were fought in the past, with the most notable being the battle of Chrissiesmeer that is annually re-enacted!
An absolute must- see in this region are the majestic Echo Caves! These mysterious caves were discovered in the 1920’s, and are some of the oldest caves in the world! These ancient caves stretch for some 40 kilometres and some cave rooms have a height of 60 meters! The end of the cave has not yet been found, so exploring these caves will give you a true sense of the unknown- something only early explorers felt.

There really aren’t any excuses not to visit this province! In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that it is indeed a tourist paradise!


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