The Free State, South Africa

If you want sunshine 340 days out of a calendar year, then the Freestate province is for you! The Free State is situated on flat boundless plains in the heart of South Africa, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts!

The Freestate also boasts a UNESCO world heritage site, and this one that every single person should see. This site reminds us all how long ago it all began. It puts into perspective just how fragile our beautiful planet really is. Ladies and gentleman- we present The Vredfort Dome! It is the largest visible meteor-impact site in the world! Formed 2-billion years ago when a meteorite 10 kilometres wide slammed into the earth, the Vredefort Dome is one of South Africa’s seven Unesco World Heritage sites.

There is however even more to this ancient provincial survivor: Highlands National Park is the province’s prime tourist attraction, and hosts yet another historic wonder in some of South Africa’s most valued “Bushman” rock art!

Contrary to popular belief, the Freestate is not all about the past. The Freestate also offers throughout the year a host of festivals, shows and expos, attracting many thousands of spectators, visitors, attendees and exhibitors from all over, even internationally. There are an amazing 17 festivals to choose to choose from- ranging from mind blowing music festivals to some a bit more low key.

There are of course many more great attractions to choose from, with a host of activities surrounding each site! The Xhariep and Vaal Dam are there to behold. The Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens are there to take in. The Basotho Cultural Village is there to be learnt from, and The Sentinel Rock is there to be stared at!

The surprises of the Freestate are limitless. It is an unassuming province that in the end will leave you with nothing but fond memories. All you have to do is to pack your bags and go greet the sun!


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